my4017 Podcast – Full setup, design and production

Launching a brand new podcast can be daunting! We recently went from zero to launching the first episode with my4017. That process included:

  • Strategy: Working on defining the audience and the goals for the podcast
  • Design: Created podcast image and also episode image templates.
  • Production: Recording the first episode and the intro/outro template
  • Podcast Hosting / RSS: Setup Spotify, Youtube, Amazon Music, Apple Music and released the episodes. 

my4017 Podcast

We have already started our my4017 Podcast for this very purpose. Dive into engaging conversations with inspiring locals, uncover hidden gems through insider tips, and get the latest updates on community events and initiatives – all on the go.

You can subscribe on your favourite podcast app or if you have any trouble, manually add it using this RSS link:

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